Welcome To Northwind Records

Established in 2002 Northwind Records has been part of the Indie music movement growing with the changing music industry. Comprised of talented individuals with collective creative spirit and expertise, Northwind Records works with the artist and their management as a service company to increase an artist’s sphere of influence and public awareness. Our goal is to stay ahead of what’s needed to survive in today’s market including recording, distribution, marketing and promotion.

We know how to squeeze the most out of each dollar an artist has to spend: where to spend; where not to spend; and how to navigate efficiently through the maze of the music industry.

Let us share this knowledge with you by helping you take the next step as an Indie musician. Whether you want help recording your next project, promoting your video, designing your graphics or just want to take advantage of the wealth of expertise we have available, Northwind Records will be there to help.

Our Crazy Skills or How Can We Help You?

RECORDING – demo to master quality, your band or ours

GRAPHICS – full retail packaging, one sheets, promo materials, etc.

PROMOTION – video, radio, media (print, internet)

DISTRIBUTION – digital and physical


Are You Wondering?

Do I need a video?

How do I get my songs on radio?

How do I get distribution?

How can I afford to make a CD?

How do I wade through the music industry?

The answers are different for every artist. Give us a call today.

Meet Our Team

Amy AikenOwner
Veteran project manager and principal behind Northwind. Amy’s experience is in project production, engineering, management and marketing
Mike AikenAritst, Producer
Artist, songwriter, veteran in the music business, specializing in artist relations.